black tea

Gymnema Black Tea is evolved from blending the medicinal goodness of ancient wonder herbs. A potent dietary supplement and an excellent remedy for management of blood sugar levels. Itís a complete holistic drink that helps to maintain optimum health by tuning the individualís body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium. Consume daily, regularly and consistently for better results. It's a real boon to weight watchers and sugarholics. Ideal for all adults, especially the health conscious & Diabetics. A general health drinks suitable for everyone, every day.


Gymnema Slyvestre which literally mean "Sugar Destroyer". Too much Sugar can lead to diabetes, Gymnema Slyvestre it's an ancient wonder herb which curbs the desire for the sweets. Studies show that, it may lower blood sugar level and improve the function of the pancreas, where insulin is made, and help the body use glucose more effectively.


Black tea is one of the most widely consumed teas. It is recognized as a mental stimulant, black tea is also recognized for its other potential health benefits, primarily because of its caffeine and antioxidant content. Black tea helps to regulate blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling more balanced and satisfied - and craving fewer sweets! The caffeine in black tea may also enhance weight loss. And, black tea's antioxidants boost metabolism and help the body burn fat more effectively. Regularly drinking black, tea can increase your bone strength - and reduce the risk of a fracture. The antioxidants in black tea work to prevent plaque buildup on your teeth, keeping your teeth healthy and your breath fresher!


The scientific name of the lemon peel is citrus limonum which contains many essential vitamins, minerals and enzyme and has many more health benefits compared to that of lemon juice. The Consuming lemon peel is also considered a preventive action against several types of cancers such as skin, colon and breast because it aids in countering cancerous cell division. Additionally lemon peel maintains oral and bone health as well as boost immunity and digestion. Because the lemon peel is rich in citric acid and vitamin C, it helps to maintain healthy blood circulation and improve skin condition. It is also known to have strong anti-depressive effect and boost metabolism and reduce weight.


The Tea infusers carefully placed perforations allow water to flow freely around the leaves within the infuser giving the tea leaves ample room to uncurl and release their flavours. Each single serve infuser is an ideal combination of quality, style and convenience. Each Tea stick is composed of advanced food safe materials. You do not need a spoon to stir your cup of tea.